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    Accommodation in the Students’ Residence Hall 20 takes the form of fully furnished, four-room flats. Each flat has four private bedrooms, two toilets, one shower room, one washing room and a lounge/common room.

    New students will be only allowed to apply for the rooms on certain floors of this building 20 (6th, 7th, 8th and 9th floor). The common rooms in these flats are equipped with a fridge, TV set and a few cooking appliances.

    Additional costs
    Cold water: 3.4 RMB/ton
    Hot water: 50 RMB/ton
    Electricity: 0.558 RMB per degree
    Internet broadband: Minimum fee 50 RMB/month (China Telecom)
    Purified drinking water: 12RMB (15 litre bottle)
    Room deposit (refundable): 1,000 RMB
    Key deposit (refundable): 200 RMB
    Laundry fee: 5 RMB per time

    Accommodationd details and facilities
    Accommodation type: Self-catered four-bedroom flat
    Floor area: Total flat size :74 m2 ; Each room: 8.9m2
    Location: High street (on campus)
    Distance to the main teaching building: 5 minutes' walk
    Internet in room: Yes - China Telecom (additional cost)
    Shared facilities
    Launderette (4 coin operated washing machines & 2 coin operated drying machines on the first floor)
    One lounge/common room shared with 4 students
    One washing room shared with 4 students
    Bathroom facilities: One shower room per flat (shared with 4 students)
    Toilet facilities: 2 toilets per flat (shared with 4 students)
    Cooking facilities : A few cooking appliances in the lounge/common room including a refrigerator, a bread baker, an induction stove, a rice cooker and a kettle.
    Bedroom facilities:
    Desk lamp, Soft Mattress, Air conditioner, Hard Mattress, A package of bedding (a pillow, a sheet, a quilt), Basic furniture (single-sized bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, bookshelf)
    Lounge/common room facilities:
    Furniture (1 set) TV(1)
    Rice cooker (1) Fridge (1)
    Bread baker(1) Trash can (1)
    Kettle (1)
    Bed size: 1.1m X 2m
    Room services: Twice a month free of charge

    Room Price

    Room Type Room Price Notes
    Studio RMB 11000.00 Per Person Per Year; 5,500RMB per semester+1,000 RMB deposit (a must)
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